beer bread

Mmmm, beeeeeer bread. This savory quick bread goes together lickety-split. Just mix the dry ingredients, stir in the beer, plop it in the pan with some butter on top, and bake it until it’s crusty and fragrant. So good, so simple, so darned fast!

With all these virtues to recommend it, beer bread shows up on our table often, cozying up to soup or salad or frittata, but this weekend you can expect to see it in a simple (and crumbly!) sandwich for the Sandwich Party.

The recipe from Epicurious makes a very tasty loaf of bread with a heady aroma, but I’ve adapted it slightly. A touch less sugar and butter and a heartier mixture of flours brings out the subtle flavor of wheat along with the tang of beer. Continue reading


Sandwich Party #5

The Sandwich Party is underway! Friday night, The Fella and I kicked off the weekend with grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches stuffed with garlicky spinach, served with cream of tomato soup.

The sandwich looks a mite sloppy, but I assure you it was just sloppy enough: the gooey cheese held the glistening, gorgeous spinach inside the crispy bread, and the whole thing made a perfect foil for the mild, creamy soup.

Jagosaurus did some work ahead of schedule:

I made some (cucumber and honey goat cheese) sandwiches a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of this, but I might do more this weekend.

Redfox from The Hungry Tiger joined the Sandwich Party with a luscious-looking warm weather entry:

The version you see before you is a little duded up, with those sprigs of cilantro. Occasionally it might instead be topped with a very few slivers of thinly sliced red onion, or slices of tomato. But the basic scheme is:

* Slice of kalamata sourdough bread
* Butter
* Avocado
* A tiny sprinkle of salt
* A drizzle of this here chile oil

In the comments here, T.R. tells us about a sandwich with old friends!

Mmmm. Good! I had tuna steak sandwich w/ red onions, grated carrots and lemon sauce to top it off. I did not get to make it…Hobbit Cafe did where I was having lunch w/ old friends (-:

Erik went with:

a family favorite: The Beltch. My mother, the polite lady that she is, chooses to put the vowel after the L, making it a Bletch (as if that’s a polite sound!). As you might have guessed, it’s a variation on the famous BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato), but adding cheese (CH). For proper BELTCH construction, a fried egg should be added to achieve full letter representation, but circumstances did not allow for an egg in this production.

Carlarey has the breakfast of champions!

So here it is, nothing fancy. Just a plain old working class turkey, salami, pastrami sandwich with shredded habanero cheese and jalapenos. It was what my kid wanted for breakfast yesterday morning, and it sounded so good I made one for myself.

Macbebekin’s own Elli had a luscious-looking pita:

I had a chicken pita sandwich. I cheated* and bought it at a shop, but I did get to choose my ingredients which was easy: “All the veggies, please.”

*Elsa’s note: NOT CHEATING! Bought sandwiches welcome!

Just before the power went out, the Bitwrathploob and I enjoyed:

a hot sandwich of cheddar and tomato on beer bread, served with a brimming bowl of simple black bean soup.

J made a lamb ragu-wich capable of changing a mother’s mind:

I discovered one day that if I took some of the sourdough bread that we had, slathered it with butter and garlic powder, and fried it, it made a delicious garlic bread, which is the perfect place to put a bunch of warmed spaghetti sauce. It’s a lot like a sloppy Joe, actually, though I like the flavors of spaghetti sauce better. My mom thought this was a disgusting idea, until she finally gave it a try, and became an instant convert. She always said that sane people are willing to change their mind when they are given the proper evidence, which this sandwich clearly is.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Join the fifth Sandwich Party — you still have time! Around these parts, we had a few hours without power and a looooooong stretch with no wifi, so I’m giving myself (and you!) a little extra leeway to get those last posts and links in. I can’t wait to see what sandwich you make!

magically delicious?

The corner store seems to have mixed up their coffee dispensers again.

Well, I knew that when I bought this bag of beans, which came from a bin marked with two contradictory labels. No, this is more than a mix-up. This is a travesty.

The brew I’m sipping at this moment is not either French Roast or Italian Espresso, as the two labels insisted. I’m not sure what flavor it is, but if I had to guess, it would be…

Lucky Charms.

Sandwich Party: number five

photo courtesy of Jagosaurus

Announcing the fifth (count ’em, fifth!) Sandwich Party, coming October 8th to October 10th!

Yikes. That’s soon!

Jagosaurus and I cordially invite you (yes, YOU, and on short notice, we admit) to the fifth Sandwich Party this weekend! If you want the details, take a gander at the entries in that link, but the idea is:

Make a sandwich. Or buy a sandwich. Or… well, you can’t really borrow a sandwich, can you? And theft is wrong. Don’t steal a sandwich.

… where was I? Right: Sandwich Party. So, you get your sandwich by legitimate means. This weekend, Friday Oct. 8th to Sunday Oct. 10th. you post it somewhere, as a blog entry, a photo on Flickr, a Tumbler page.

Then return here or here and leave us a link to your sandwich. Jagosaurus and I will round up all the participant’s posts and present them here!

Happy sandwiching!

Need some ideas? Of course, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found in previous Sandwich Parties, but if you need fresh notions:

Thrift website Wisebread offers an article on what I can only think of as introductory sandwich-making. I can’t say I find the title appetizing; I don’t need to “sex up” my sandwiches, and I really don’t want you to sex up my sandwiches either.

But I applaud the idea of encouraging budget-conscious readers to make their brown-bag lunches a little more delicious and festive. And surely there are plenty of people who need this elementary instruction: after all, Jagosaurus and I started the Sandwich Party because it was one culinary challenge almost anyone could tackle!

If you are [un]lucky enough to track down a Candwich, please document your experience thoroughly.

If you describe your sandwich tastes as more “conventional,” or shall we say “traditional,” or shall we say “not repulsive,” then The Kitchn can help you out, with a round-up of 22 gorgeous sandwiches from tea sandwiches to bahn mi.

note: Aaaaaaand it’s on!

Domestic vacation

JM and I are currently house sitting and one of the perks is a flourishing garden. I knew that fresh was delicious, but picked-this-morning-and-now-it’s on-my-plate-fresh is incredible! Today we made more tomato soup and tonight it’s another batch of veggies with brown rice. Tomorrow we’ll make some arugula pesto for the soup. And traditional pesto for grins.

I can only hope to leave the owners something good growing when they get back. I’ve read that garlic and onions are good to plant now in Seattle, but if you’re reading this and know of anything else, please leave a comment. Thanks!

I say tomato


Okay, I thought the tortilla soup I made yesterday was pretty damn fine mostly because 95% of it was from the garden around me, but then there was today. Tomatoes. We were being overrun! So I decided to make my first ever homemade tomato soup. I looked at a few recipes online and then cobbled my own together from everything I read. OH MY GOD. My first attempt may be my masterwork! It must be the exquisite freshness of it all. I can’t wait for the next bowl. Damn. Damn!

is it stll?

Every day, a few visitors end up at macbebekin by asking some form of the question Can I eat this? Here are those questions, reproduced with original spelling and wording. Our referral logs cut off the longer search strings mid-phrase, giving an appropriately hectic, hurried air to the questions.

In almost every case, the answer is a resounding no: NO NO NO, you cannot eat that.

left my fish out overnight. is it stll
is it safe to keepcooked chicken in the
chinese chow mein left out unrefrigerate
safe to eat expired dough
“re-cook it” “left out overnight”
how quickly do eggs go bad sitting in a
i left my ham sandwiches in my bag for 3
whats wrong with my blue cheese dressing
can you get sick if iced tea is left out
is overripe brie dangerous to eat?
raw chicken smells a bit eggy
if cheese melts in car is bit still safe
how long can cooked black beans be unref
pork smells like rotten eggs
will pesto be ok if left out overnight?
blue cheese left out overnite, can i sti
pork roast smells like sulfer
left turkey in truck of hot car for 6 ho
is it safe to eat the bugs in pistachios
how long can stuffed shells be unrefrige
fried clams left out 24 hours are they o
how long does a ham sandwich last unrefr
open pickle jar left in hot car safe
unrefrigerated egg beaters
is it safe to eat hard boiled eggs left
i left out cooked artichokes overnight c
do black beans rot if left outside refri
emergency room food poisoning expired ch
can i eat 7 day old chicken
will it make me sick to eat shrimp sitti
bug that eats bread and leaves behind sl
medjool dates with white spots