Time warp

Holy cow. I just found an entry I composed almost exactly three years ago. This takes us back to Switzerland before the fateful vacation to Oz:
Had my first piano lesson today and I can already play the first few lines of a Bach minuet.
Conversation with myself:
Splendiferous. It sounds like a made-up word.
Well, all words are really made-up words.
Okay then.
My pulse is faster than your pulse. My inner tempo is so quick that when playing the above piano piece I have to really take my time and remind myself to slow the heck down.
I went to a cardiologist today to check up on the rapid heartbeat I’ve had for several years; sinus tachycardia, it’s called. My heart was pounding away throughout the visit. I would like to blame this particular episode of rapid heartbeat on the fact that I had to sit on an exercise bike, electrodes attached to my chest and back. Oh, and I was topless. Egads, to put it mildly. I may almost* be Swiss**, but I don’t like showing the merchandise to strangers. Thinking further, I don’t really want to share them with anyone outside this apartment. Case and blouse closed.
After an ultrasound of the organ, the doctor proclaimed that I have a healthy heart which merely beats a little faster. No worries, go out and run that marathon. The problem, if I really must find one, is that I should exercise at a rate of 145 to 155 beats per minute which basically looks like I’m expending no energy whatsoever. Saunter like the wind!
* I’m in a waiting period after receiving a positive response to my request for citizenship made two years ago. Two more months!
** There are lots of women here in Europe who don’t mind the exposure.
As you may know, I did become Swiss and I still don’t like to show off the goods. Mostly.

Buy, dye and espy

Click, click, click as fast as you can and check out these handmade purses. I met their designer Liz back at uni and was fortunate to find her (and her lovely work) through that wonder of the net, facebook. She is addictively fun and her bags are as well. I’m not telling you which one I want in hopes that it’ll still be there when I go place my order after the move.
In other news, I’m washing the gray and the red right out of my hair. I’ve been dying it the past two years and I always to defer to JM who likes red. Enough, I’m going back to my natural color and preference: dark brown. That’s what it’s growing in as (plus some, okay lots, of gray) so that’s what it’ll be. I’ll try to post a color photo tomorrow for my 365 self-portrait project over at flickr.
I got another wild hare (hair?) today and decided to see a movie in an honest to goodness theater. It’s been over a year since I went to see a film at the cinema and more than 10 years (before I got married) since I’ve seen one on my very own. The last movie I treated myself to was “Contact” so I decided it was high time to do it again. I saw “Burn After Reading” since JM would be more likely to forgive me than if I had seen the new James Bond flick. After spending $24 dollars on entry and a combo popcorn/drink I remembered why I don’t do this more often. Still, I laughed more than the six other people in the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed my little indulgence. Now go indulge yourself as well…


This morning I was making sure all my medical forms were filled in for my MRI tomorrow. It’ll be my third so it’s old hat* by now, except I just decided to read the fancy four-color brochure they gave me when I booked my appointment. Under the section on preparation it says:

Please do not wear makeup or jewellery.

Ha! I now feel justified in having removed my metallic nail polish yesterday and JM laughing at my paranoia the idea that my nails might be rent from their beds. I’ve watched House, anything can happen.
*Okay, it’s not old hat, I’m so totally fascinated by the machines and images, it’s still new hat.

A new day

I was upset yesterday when the doctor’s office called and told me Wednesday was the only day I could get an appointment. I had planned to spend the morning here in Australia watching the chaos/joy unfold overseas and now I would be deprived due to the drive up to Perth.
In the waiting room I saw the news that Obama won and JM and I did ‘the wave’ in our chairs. Being the only ones there it wasn’t too obnoxious, except perhaps to the receptionist, but she kept her thoughts to herself.
Now we’re back home watching all the speeches, reading the stories, and raising our glasses in celebration, a stark contrast to four years ago. I was told today that eventually I’ll have to have my parathyroids taken out, but I knew that already. I “look good” the doctor said to his colleague over the phone. No immediate worries. I feel good too. Happy day.

Sweet, sweet brain

What a day. It’s almost 4 and I haven’t started writing yet because REAL LIFE keeps getting in the way. My newest doctor’s office returned my call from yesterday and offered me an appointment tomorrow. Gulp. That means I’ve spent the past several hours attempting to translate my medical records from German to English, which is no easy feat. I start off using Google translator, but it doesn’t seem to handle many of the medical terms. It also can’t deal with my name so I constantly have to correct “Swiss Woman” back to “Mrs Schweizer”. One of my favorites though is: “The center is not relocated. Standard width inner and outer liquor room.” My brain, it has liquor room, like those chocolates with kirsch filling. Mmm.

Life’s too short not to over-share

I don’t share a lot. I’ve learned this over the course of my life, and more so with this blog. I’ll write a few lines at best and consider adding more later, but I hardly ever do. Right now though I am compelled otherwise. Warning: read at your own risk. I may be overcompensating for my long silence and a wee bit melodramatic because it comes so naturally. Since I wrote this I’m feeling much better, which can only be good, well, for now. I reserve the right to delete this in ten minutes.

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