Dream on

JM is a miracle worker! We’ve got the approval and are going to sign the lease tomorrow. Now I’m beside myself with joy. Oh, what a crazy world. Happy, happy. We’re going back to basics on this one since we have to buy our furniture anew. I’m looking at second hand and a little Ikea to start, as well as some dumpster diving. What fun!


Dream dashed

So, I called the real estate agent on Tuesday about the apartment we applied for and she had just confirmed my references which was good, however she said the owner was hoping for a 12 month lease agreement and were we amenable to that? I told her no, we really only want to start out with 6 months in a new town in order to get to know it better, but we were really excited and would of course be inclined to stay longer, should Bunbury turn out to be somewhere that suited us. I didn’t hear back Wednesday, so I am anticipating that since we were the first to view and the first to put in an application, that she is waiting for someone else. In the meantime I’ve extended our current lease in Mandurah and cancelled all the cancellations of phone and electricity.
It’s odd because I really thought this was the place, excited again about somewhere I could feel home.
A little later
Just talked to the agent and the owner is waiting to see if someone else puts in an offer for 12 months. Of course there will be, rentals are scarce and the price is right. It’ll go quick. Perhaps we wouldn’t have been happy there and the woman is doing us a favor, who can know. I feel really, really sad…

Movin’ on down

Our days in Mandurah are numbered now that we put in an application for a small town house in Bunbury. I LOVE IT. No, there’s no entertainment room, no pool table, no indoor barbecue, no swimming pool with separate lap lane, no gym, no flat screens, no fireplace, no view of the ocean or a marina, no furniture period. It’s awesome. I can’t wait to take pictures. I can’t wait to make it our new home.


Aaaaah. There was an earthquake last night that registered 4.1 in Frick and then 4.4 a few seconds later here in Baden, which means practically under my house, in my house, all around me sitting in my bed. Jumpity thump thud thud. I lived in Seattle for a year and experienced a minor quake there, and now two since moving here. It’s a rare occurrence, but still wigs me out. At least a 4.4 affects nerves more than property.

Right hand red, left foot green

Introducing the Twister deviant duvet cover. How do you know when it’s your turn to spin?

I suggest a novelty duvet that more accurately reflects the strategems and scheming many people bring to the art of seduction.

And then, inevitably, someone will bring out the Connect Four headboard. “Pretty sneaky, sis!”

And let’s not even start speculating about Clue. Ooooh, Professor Plum!

Garden Progress

I realized I haven’t written in quite a while about the progress on the garden. The deck is almost complete minus a board and a bench which will serve a dual purpose as more seating and a railing. Above you can see where this will go. In the middle there is a hole for a large umbrella. We’ll buy a pair of enormous, sturdy pillows for lounging there.
Here you can see the small pools with tiny fountains and a bridge running over them. There are lamps in the bottom to light up at night. The table was delivered yesterday, just in time for a sunny but cold weekend.
Lastly a view from the other side. We have to choose plants and get them in the planters and side garden soon. There will be small lights all around to make it cozy at night, and we’re deciding on what kind of cover to build over the table area — a regular roll-out shade to protect in light rain, or the beautiful, square metal frame with railing and white fabric covering.
I can’t wait to work out here next spring and summer! But by then I’ll need a 20″ G5 laptop. Get cracking, Apple!