Greetings from Spider Hollow!

Perhaps because the weather has suddenly turned cold, the apartment is overrun with spiders of bewildering variety: wispy gray spiders that seem at first glance to be mere motes of dust, fat black spiders like bloated licorice jelly beans, leggy little chestnut-colored spiders, and even one repulsive white spider, its chitinous body and legs outlined only in shadow as it scuttered across the white wall away from my desperately whacking shoe and toward freedom.

Yes, I am whacking at them. Usually, I am one of those saps who fishes the spider out of the tub on a string or a card, then escorts him or her outside, but instinct took over when the spider I found in the tub was the size of a plump raspberry. A big, black, fast-moving raspberry with a stubborn exoskeleton. Shudder.


“The Germans have a word for it”

This morning I stumbled out of my bedroom and received the briefest of shocks: my living room furniture had been entirely rearranged. Of course, I had done it myself the previous evening, but in the blurry mental light of morning, I had forgotten.
The sensation of being momentarily surprised by something you already know — this is not quite jamais vu. I am sure someone has a name for it — if not the Germans, then the cognitive studies crowd. To me, it feels like my head has just been given a gentle tap that resonates at a high pitch, like silver sugar tongs scarcely touching the side of a silver sugar bowl.
Whatever it is called, I experienced it again as I was having my coffee, when I clicked into Macbebekin and saw the new styles. I knew it was afoot, and still it is an utterly unexpected delight, as if the blog fairies had slipped in and worked through the night. Thanks, Elli!

Closer to paradise

The brick work is done and it turned out better than I imagined. When I designed this side I drew a few curved lines as in “bricks go here”, so watching the brick layer choose a stone and hammer it into a pattern was wonderful to behold. There are two curved flower beds which will be planted after the deck is completed. Those guys should be coming later this week. It’s a complete mess out there but I enjoy it even more than before.
I love my Nikon D70 beyond belief but it’s so heavy that I still carry my little Fuji Q1. My word, I’m a moron. I’ve been carrying my Fuji around in an old sock so it doesn’t get scratched up in my purse, when I could’ve knitted something for it. Yesterday I knitted the kitty hat from “Stitch ‘N Bitch” but used green and made little alien antennae. Unfortunately it’s too big for the intended’s tiny head, so her mom will get it instead.
This reminds me of the other project I’ve self assigned: cushions for the future outdoor chairs. But that one is still in the pantry, not even on the back burner. I also decided that we should make our table — go to the salvation store and buy a sturdy base and then tile the top ourselves. All this from the woman with 3-year-old empty picture frames because she can’t decide what to put in them. Hmm, maybe I should take pictures of them and put that picture inside.