New card: Bloom

Bloom by Elli SchweizerSlowly (ever so slowly) but surely, I’ll be selling my illustrations on cards and sometimes as wall art over at RedBubble. If you’ve been visiting this blog for a few years then the image may seem somewhat familiar since it’s from an old Illustration Friday challenge. The new version has been updated with more flowers and color, and ah, a fresh breeze. Love spring.

iFri: Packed

Okay, I could have done a little research, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s been a year since I did anything for Illustration Friday and I’m truly sorry for it. Not for your sake, but for mine and the practice I need. Okay, sure I should cut myself some slack for having been on the road for most of the year, but I have this sneaky habit of putting things off until tomorrow, or next week, or when I’m dead. Slowly, very slowly, but surely, that is changing.
I’ve returned to my former theme-within-a-theme of shoes. Start with what you know.
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Illustration Friday: Plain

Illustration Friday: Plain
I even ate some of my inspiration, but this time without sorting by color. Is this progress? Probably just forgetfulness.
I’m not a huge fan of m-n-m’s except that Cadbury sucks and, ack, it’s everywhere. Sadly, this is my first choice in emergency chocolate, preferred even over Toblerone and Lindt. Perhaps it’s from a specific memory of sitting in Elsa’s living room, sorting and laying out a pyramid of colors, and writing for hours on end. Those were the salad days, you know, chocolate-wise.
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Illustration Friday: Stitch

IFri: StitchMy inspiration for this entry comes from grade school PE class. We were forced to run a mile around the school and yes, a mile is such a small distance, but you have to understand that I’m short and back then, way shorter. The start was always great, running half a minute down the driveway to the gate, but then my breath would run out and a group of us would walk/run the next section until we rounded the corner and the finish was in sight. Then it was every girl for herself as we raced to the finish for our final time, the sprint leaving me doubled over with a sharp pain in my side. Hence stitch.
Where the drawing (all done on my wacom, first in Illustrator, then Photoshop) went wrong was with color. I got blocked at the color stage and ended up getting too sketchy, then all turned dark and I gave up.
Now I have to go watch the keynote on Apple’s site because it’s there.

iFri: Wind

I know most people have interpreted this week’s theme as the kind of wind that blows the trees, but I like to go with other definitions for these things sometimes. So wind ‘er up.

iFri: Sticky

This entry is a semi-testament to my laziness. A true testament would have been resubmitting my “cling” illustration from 2004. Oh, what the heck. Here’s an updated version.

iFri: Angels and Devils

It’s been quite a while since I did an illustration, but I saw the opportunity to draw a shoe and had to spend yet another hour in front of the computer. The reward is a spaghetti dinner made by JM because I was entirely too consumed to care about food other than a can of fancy nuts and a glass of red wine. Prost!

And now for something the same

Today I remembered these chairs — I drew them when we arrived in Switzerland almost 7 years ago and I was sitting through one of JM’s yodel club rehearsals.
I planned a few entries in my head earlier today and have already forgotten what I wanted to say. This is not a good sign, is it?

iFri: Chair

You know that Eurythmics song You Have Placed a Chill In My Heart? Well, I had some friends who thought it was “chair.” Hence this week’s Illustration Friday entry:
JM’s been sick since last week, which figures since everyone has the week off due to some random sports holiday that the Swiss enjoy. Miracle of miracles is that I have remained cold and flu-free for longer than I can remember. Knocking on wood.