iFri: Angels and Devils

It’s been quite a while since I did an illustration, but I saw the opportunity to draw a shoe and had to spend yet another hour in front of the computer. The reward is a spaghetti dinner made by JM because I was entirely too consumed to care about food other than a can of fancy nuts and a glass of red wine. Prost!

And now for something the same

Today I remembered these chairs — I drew them when we arrived in Switzerland almost 7 years ago and I was sitting through one of JM’s yodel club rehearsals.
I planned a few entries in my head earlier today and have already forgotten what I wanted to say. This is not a good sign, is it?

iFri: Chair

You know that Eurythmics song You Have Placed a Chill In My Heart? Well, I had some friends who thought it was “chair.” Hence this week’s Illustration Friday entry:
JM’s been sick since last week, which figures since everyone has the week off due to some random sports holiday that the Swiss enjoy. Miracle of miracles is that I have remained cold and flu-free for longer than I can remember. Knocking on wood.

IFri: Imagine

This entry stems from the intention to let my mind go while listening to the Rain Dogs CD by Tom Waits. It started out with a few lines depicting a cave wall with images of flying saucers and people. Next some animals appeared along with footprints leading around a corner. Suddenly there was mass deletion of objects and only the animals survived. Thus the imagining ends for the day.

IlliFri: Night

Why it’s the supposed “ankle boot constellation” as it was discovered for the first time by little-known astronomer Boots Jackwood. Okay, that’s my stripper name and no I didn’t really discover a constellation, but it would have been so cool if I had actually understood anything, and I mean anything, in my college astronomy class. Why oh why did I take astronomy?