IlliFri: Broken

Ack, not enough time what with all the work and all the writing. This image was supposed to be a Broken Spoke bar sign reflected on wet ground with a cowgirl boot, and maybe someday it will be. In the meantime here’s some goop. I’ve got to get back to work, then write around 2,000 words for nanowrimo (to make up for the crap I wrote yesterday) and then go to German for a big test. Perhaps I’ll even get a little more done on the sweater I’ve been knitting and re-knitting for three years — it’s almost done… again. I may be biting off a bit much this month.


IlliFri: Remote

Believe it or not, I spent hours on this thing. At one point there was a girl staring up at the shoes on the top shelf and she had a chair with books stacked on it. There was also a painting on the wall. I give up. Here’s a closet (without a door even), an image apparently so remote in my mind that I can’t be bothered to bring it to life. Perhaps what’s remote is the idea that a closet could be this organized and uncluttered. There’s a thought.

IlliFri: Lost

Several years ago I lived in the countryside of North Carolina. When out walking on moonless nights the sky was so black I couldn’t see anything, even my hand in front of my face. I would wait for my eyes to adjust and be able to make out something, but the light had been sucked from everything. Sometimes I would get scared in this complete blackness and now, living in town, I miss having that chance to get lost.
I usually incorporate shoes into my weekly drawings so I feel at a loss (ugh) when I do something different. In old entries I often say how dissatisfied I am with my drawings. The only thing I am happy about are my photos. I really get “lost” when taking them. Perhaps if I could do the same with my drawings I would feel better about them, but then again maybe not. Here’s to next week and another chance.

IlliFri: Float

I’ve been waiting all morning for the new theme and “float” had occured to me as a possibility. I’m not satisfied as usual and will allow myself to spend more time developing the floating magician/assistant (from the perspective of the shoe of course) later this week.

IlliFri: Depth

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and it’s not what I envisioned, but at least it’s there — I never seem to match the image in my head.
Later… okay, I didn’t redraw it, but I did tweak colors and layers a bit. Still not happy, but no longer cringing.