IlliFri: Empty

Ugh, please let next week be something I can interpret light-heartedly.


IlliFri: Aging

I wanted to draw a pair of ugly “comfort” shoes, but the more I looked, the cuter they got. What a good time to have problem feet. Anyway, my only other comment to this one is yuck. However, I’m determined to post the good, the bad, and the utterly ugly. Here’s to next week, whatever it may be.

Theme: Ambition

Why, yes, it’s Cinder’elli. Well, perhaps it’s her wicked step-sister — that foot’s looking a little too big for that glass slipper. Tomorrow’s a holiday here in Switzerland, so I had a bit more time to draw this week. Happy Auffahrt, y’all.

Theme: Travel

This week’s illustration is a quickie because I’ve started a sewing project. I don’t think I’ll even link to it at Illustration Friday because I’m so embarassed by its half-assedness, however it is worth posting for the half hour it took to draw during lunch.

Theme: Crowded

Barely getting this one in. I was so frustrated the entire day by a logo project that wouldn’t play nice. I’m lucky to type even this much. I would skip German class except that I’ve had a week of vacation and was sick the week before. I’ve got to go collect some good student credits.