Cape Leveque

We’re back from our New Year’s jaunt up to Kooljaman where we spent the majority of this sunset alone. We’re on our way to Darwin today if this rain doesn’t keep us grounded. As usual, more photos are posted at flickr.


We survived Christmas in the outback! Click on the photo to see more at flickr.

I am a camera

I’ll be posting lots of photos for a while. Lots of bad photos: poor lighting, ham-fisted composition, noisy with pixels. I’m experimenting with the adorable camera Elli sent me with just one photo onellicamera.jpg it, months ago, and with which I’ve been playing ever since. Thanks, Elli! I love it! I’m hopeless with it!
I have a fat backlog of recipes to post with thoroughly unappetizing photos. Gird your bellies, my pretties.

Under the loop

In this series I will photograph objects on or around my desk, tiny enough to fit under a loop. Photo No. 1: a bonbon.
I am alone and I am bored.

Digital killed the physical star

I am digitalizing my life for reasons to be explained later. I’ve scanned in over six hundred photos this weekend of family and friends which has made me a bit weepy and in love with life as I know it.
I leave you with image No. 369. Back in ’97 I had the idea to write the word “fear” in the sand and let the ocean wash it all away in some great metaphorical moment. I wanted to live my life fully, completely, boldly; or maybe I had seen “Strictly Ballroom” too many times. It didn’t help much, but I got a good polaroid shot from it.

Super tired

A few weeks ago I cleaned out the small ponds in our garden that hadn’t been touched since last fall. They were filled with slimy whatnot and every now and then I imagined an arm springing from the goo to pull me down into an abyss of horrors. Then I remembered all the comic book characters that realized super powers because of some supernatural faux pas and started to wonder what my newfound strength would be. The only symptom that’s manifested in the past two weeks is the ability to make myself feel really, really tired.