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Santa’s Revenge

Because I forgot to leave cookies out last night, preferring to make them today, Santa took his revenge on my oven. The first batch baked blithely for 12 minutes until reaching golden perfection. With the second batch (pictured above) the oven freakishly overheated so that the cookie bottoms scorched in ten minutes. I reached the scene in time to prevent total charring because I heard the oven pop a few times. That sound was apparently the heating element being shot to hell so that the third batch took half an hour to match the first while the oven cooled its way back to room temperature. Tonight we’ll be eating pasta. Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas or whatever.

Somebunny loves me

My sweetie surprised me with this beautiful gift today. Say it with succulents! I’m not sure what the budding plant is, but it stays green all year and blooms throughout the holiday season. Which reminds me, I need to find a Christmas cactus if they have them here.

IlliFri: Reflection

I missed Illustration Friday yet again, but I had a very good birthday reason (both JM’s and mine were this week.) Instead, here’s a photo I took yesterday on our outing to Luzern which like much of central Switzerland was massively flooded. After visiting the art museum I watched people having fun wading out to the benches, taking pictures, and enjoying the first gorgeous day in a very gray and wet week.

For the happiness

My mom requested more photos because that would make her happy. So hi mom, here’s what I was preparing while talking to you yesterday. Mmm, zucchini.
Here’s the tiny shirt sewn yesterday. Now it just needs buttons and a tie.

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