five stars

After three brutal, beautiful, dreadful, rewarding seasons, Review has come to an end. This tragedy cloaked in comedy is the best vehicle yet for Andy Daly, that master of cloaking anguish, corruption, and madness in affability. Jeffrey Blitz (of Spellbound fame) gives the direction an uncanny documentary realism that belies its absurdity. The unforgiving rhythm of Review, of Forrest’s rise and fall, hope and despair, lends it a depth that surpasses any comedy and most dramas. “Cryogenics, Lightning, Last Review” honors that depth.

Review finale double screenshot

If you ever doubt the importance of direction, cinematography, and framing to the tone of a narrative, just remember these two Review screenshots, seconds apart. A tiny tweak of perspective separates freedom from damnation, separates life from this simulacrum of life Forrest inhabits, separates NEVER REVIEWING ANYTHING EVER AGAIN from REVIEW ANYTHING. You can read my review of Review‘s uncompromisingly excellent series finale here.

Lady Dynamite gets pally with beaux and boundaries

LD AVC 1.5 beaux boundaries“I stop with my hands! Which means I’m on an adventure!” Maria warns the
coffeehouse crowd early in “I Love You.” Maria’s wheeling out of
control, and not just because she’s on rollerblades. This episode’s is all about establishing and respecting boundaries, but almost no one in it knows how. Read my full review of “I Love You” at The A.V. Club.