Flatbread of my delight, and a morning tartine: Friday night, I visited my parents and made dinner. Although I say it myself, yum! My pizza came out even better than usual: whole wheat crust with mushroom, onion, and Greek olives, and a salad of mixed baby greens dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and tossed with roasted vegetables: beets, carrots, and asparagus. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

My parents reciprocated by taking me to brunch the next morning, where my mother and I had the house version of eggs Florentine. They take a great many liberties with the classic recipe: the poached eggs are served atop grilled tomato slices and crispy rich rashers of bacon, on a bed of raw baby spinach and over English muffins, all liberally sauced with Hollandaise. Oh, my.

While M. and I had these delicious bastardizations, D. had blueberry pancakes and an audience. One of the very small girls sitting at the table next to ours watched with great interest as he meticulously buttered both sides of each pancake and gently manuevered them from the sprawling presentation favored by the kitchen into a tidy stack. By the time he was digging in, she had turned entirely around in her seat, her eyes and mouth three perfect OOOs.

Sweets: Tonight, I am making my version of Laurie Colwin’s version of Elizabeth Davis flourless chocolate cake, and M.F.K. Fisher’s mother’s gingerbread. A few years ago, my favorite brownie recipe inexplicably went belly-up: instead of a silky yet chewy pan of chocolatey bliss, it produced a greasy, sodden lump, time after time. Having testing many unsatisfactory brownie recipes, I now rely on flourless chocolate cake with ground almonds and brandy.

I will also make a batch of teeny tiny gingerbreads in my teeny tiny muffin tins. M.F.K. Fisher’s mother’s recipe, which you can find in How To Cook A Wolf, may seem needlessly complicated, but it’s worth dirtying all those bowls, as shortcuts mysteriously result in drier, heavier gingerbread. Done properly, this gingerbread is dark, moist, and springy, with a rich sweetness. I like a spicy bite, which I get by ruthlessly increasing the dried ginger from one teaspoon to one tablespoon.

WWW is MMM upside down: Thanks to the Bloggies, I learned about Chocolate and Zucchini, where the recipes promise to be as luscious as the writing and photography. Thank you, Clotilde! Elli, shall we post for Is My Blog Burning? It does make me wish I had a digital camera… and that I didn’t have two midterms on the day following the event. But a girl needs to eat… and to post… and, judging by recent entries, to post about eating.