Illustration Friday: Plain

Illustration Friday: Plain
I even ate some of my inspiration, but this time without sorting by color. Is this progress? Probably just forgetfulness.
I’m not a huge fan of m-n-m’s except that Cadbury sucks and, ack, it’s everywhere. Sadly, this is my first choice in emergency chocolate, preferred even over Toblerone and Lindt. Perhaps it’s from a specific memory of sitting in Elsa’s living room, sorting and laying out a pyramid of colors, and writing for hours on end. Those were the salad days, you know, chocolate-wise.
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Strike up the broadband

*The directory for macbebekin has changed — please change your bookmark to avoid redirection to this page.*

Hip hip! macbebekin has moved and upgraded all thanks to the resident tech geek and love of my life. Yay, JM! Okay, I did do my share learning how the MT templates and widgets work and tweaking them until my eyes dried out and could blink no more. I’m using my new Apple iBalls that allow me to read email with one eye while watching podcasts with the other.

Notice anything about the design? One thing Elsa and I hoped to press upon you (oh so many of you) is that there are two of us; two people writing at this site (sometimes with long breaks in between, but still commenting during that break) and not just one person with two personalities each living in a different country half the world away. Surely there will be those of you who still question, but I won’t hold it against you as long as you bake me cookies. That’s me, Elli, the one in Australia. Chocolate chip.

I’m finally out of the land of dial-up and frolicking in the land of slow-speed broadband. How I missed you all. We’ve moved from the camel farm and are now house sitting in the old east side of Alice Springs. There is, of course, a lot more to the story than that such as getting a new Nikon D300 (love, love, love) and joining a volunteer organization to work in indigenous communities, but right now I just want to hit publish and pat myself on the back for not completely breaking the blog.

hundreds and thousands

Last week, after a long hot day of visiting extended family (his), with a long drive ahead of him and wanting more than anything to get off the road and into bed, D surprised me by pulling into a roadside ice cream stand. Earlier in the day I had idly mentioned that sometime this summer we should get ourselves a big ole drippy cone. I thought we deserved a treat, one of these days.
And he wanted to be sure I got my treat, even if it meant a longer drive home.
I got a big soft-serve cone, chocolate with jimmies? chocolate sprinkles? jim-jams! and a fit of giggles. He got a milkshake and a blizzard of giggling kisses.

Catching a breath

We bought a car this week and have been using it to move to our new apartment. The car, which I call chocolate because of its brown interior, is about 16 years old and thus trapped in the tape deck era. Since we have few tapes worth listening to we’ve had the radio on as we move load after load to the new place. At some point the music got so bad I actually felt myself dying of boredom.

Prepare yourselves

I believe the alien invasion is at hand. There are some bizarre, heavy vibrations coming from my upstairs neighbor’s, and they’re not the like-totally-heavy-man kind. I’ve ruled out that they’re polishing the floor because who would do that at 8:22 in the evening in Switzerland? Certainly not the 70-something-year-old couple upstairs. It’s got to be aliens.
Alas, alack, I have no weapons or welcoming gifts — I’m fresh out of chocolate and cowbells, but I do have a few old Swiss army knives. See you on the ship.

When I had time…

Last weekend I tried kitschenette’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I really liked her cookie picture and was anticipating a much thicker result than I got. Since brown sugar doesn’t exist in Switzerland, I added a tablespoon of molasses, thus needing a bit more flour to thicken the batter to a normal consistency. They turned out crispy, which is how I like my cookies, so I would make them again in a heartbeat. One of our guests, who was ten years old, ate enough to make me think they weren’t bad indeed.
So I am without illustration once again. I did take the time to install the new Mac OS X Tiger this morning. Mmm, widgets. I am a software junkie.

Please help me choose

I’m trying to decide on a new pair of glasses and I need help. I like both pairs pictured above.* The bottom pair are similar to the kind I always wear and the top pair I wouldn’t have given a second glance if the salesman hadn’t put them on my face. I am unusually drawn to them but a little voice is telling me I’ll regret it, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of their life.
And now you see why:
Still, my mother-in-law votes for the first pair. What do you think? Please leave a comment which you think suits me better. Getting both is out of the budget, hence out of the question.
*Reason number 18 why I love Switzerland: the store let me take both pairs home for a week so I can decide. Wow.
And now that it’s night and I’ve had a glass of champagne, here are two more pics to choose from:
The poll so far (from comments and e-mails):
Top (light colored) 5
Bottom (dark) 3
Thank you all for your votes (and compliments.) Last time I wore contacts was the 80s and my eyes rebelled with all sorts of powerful mucus which lead to them being sent off for a week to be cleaned (the contacts, not my eyes.) And due to a double astigmatism I had to buy some of the most expensive lenses there were. I’ve heard tale of disposables, but I’m not over my first failed experiment.
I chose the shape of these frames because they have a subtle angle along the outer edge, enhancing my heart-shaped face. I guess I cheated by not showing the whole face but there you go. I don’t pull off rounded and curvy so well (especially under my chin but that has more to do with chocolate than anything.)