dress: done

(warning: boring wedding-related gushing ahead.)
This afternoon, I ordered My Actual Freaking Wedding Dress.
As always, I’m not superstitious, but I am a little -stitious, so if you’re my future husband, please don’t click through to see the dress in question My Actual Freaking Wedding Dress.

I absolutely love this dress*. whirldress jjill.jpeg
I absolutely love blue. I absolutely love the bouncy, swingy feel of rayon with spandex. I absolutely love the slight length added to the short sleeve, and the neckline, high enough for modesty but low enough to show off the beautiful quartz pendant that The Fella gave me as an engagement gift. I absolutely love how comfortable it promises to be: in this dress, I could sit on the floor, or dance all day, or jump in a bouncy castle. I absolutely love it.
And I absolutely love a bargain. Bargain? This thing was a steal. This dress, purchased out of season and with a special weekend discount from the retailer, takes an unexpectedly modest bite out of our wedding budget: a mere US$31 with tax and shipping. I couldn’t be more delighted.
We’re having a very relaxed and casual wedding, and finally I feel like I might actually be relaxed and casual on the wedding day.
*It hasn’t shipped yet, so It shipped, it shipped! But still… there’s always the chance that it won’t work out, for one of a dozen reasons. But for now I’m enjoying the notion that I’ve found the right dress. One task done, one thousand tasks to do. Small steps, baby.

6 thoughts on “dress: done

  1. Jag, it’s from J. Jill, where they’re giving an extra 40% off outlet prices this weekend.
    After this summer’s fruitless, tearful search for dresses in local shops, I went straight to the online outlets for My Actual Freaking Wedding Dress.

  2. It is a beautiful dress! You look great in that color and the quartz will be stunning against that color and the frame of neckline. But I want to add: I saw a list of stores closing and J.Jill was on there. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to numbers, dates, etc. but …perhaps if a size doesn’t work or something you wouldn’t dilly dally changing it. Love!

  3. Thanks for the dress love, y’all. Though I’ve scouted a few candidates earlier, I was never more than lukewarm about them. This one (did I mention?) I love.
    gaoo — Thanks, I think it’ll look good, too! I also saw that rumor about J.Jill closings, but J.Jill has countered it and Snopes backs them up. In any case, at this price (~US$24 for the dress, plus nonrefundable shipping costs), I’d be better off taking the dress to a resale shop than paying return shipping.

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