Are we there yet?

This posting every day thing is noisome. I really should do this in the morning, or at least before I hit 7:25 in the evening which is approximately the hour of not caring. It could be because I am worn out from all the sewing I did today with my brand new sewing machine. Photos to follow sooner or later.

3 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. Notice the timestamp on my entry for yesterday? I came this close to missing yesterday. A family dinner went on, oooooh, about two hours longer than expected.
    (As Elli has no doubt figured out, for months now, I’ve been adjusting the [presumably Australian-zoned] timestamp, and entering my local posting time for my entries.)

  2. I have an old foot treadle sewing machine in the guest bedroom. Years ago, I sewed bow ties for my personal wear on it. I remember sewing them inside out, and then doing that trick thingy. Through lack of use, it has again become a thing of the past. Perhaps an anchor to which nice memories are secured.

  3. Elsa, the time stamp is a wee bit off. I confessed that just now. Will try to fix it tomorrow, not that it really matters.
    I remember the Paddy bow ties! I was very impressed when you took on the project, especially on the cool old machine.

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