NaBloPoMo wrap-up

November ends today, bringing NaBloPoMo to a merciful end. I know Elli found it a trial, and I’m a little bushed myself. November is always a rough month in the academic world, which is why I gave up NaNoWriMo some years ago. NaBloPoMo is easy by comparison… but only by comparison.
Elli and I both made it! I’m particularly chuffed to have met my goal during a month which also held:
– two six-page papers on Renaissance poetry
– one in-class exam, and another one this week
– five hours in the library bent over the Oxford English Dictionary
– one fifteen-page thesis first draft on Colonial foodways
– course reading, between 150 and 300 pages weekly
– fifty or so off-syllabus texts for research purposes, to say nothing of the time mining the library stacks and catalogs to find them
– two, count ’em, two family Thanksgivings
– two bouts of near immobility due to back pain
To Elli, and to any other NaBloPoMo participants within earshot (blogshot?), a hearty congratulations and a no less hearty PHEW!
Expect me to drop off the face of the blog for a wee little while; all my projects come due in one terrifying lump next week.

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