little things

Elsewhere on the web this week, I’ve been invited into conversations kvetching about inconveniences, pains in the neck, and irritations: lists of overrated popular obsessions; SHOUTING THREADS for cathartic complaints; snarkfests about public figures.

Though I enjoy a good shout or snark as much as anyone (and more than most), all this week I refrained. For some reason, it seemed important, in a small way, to avoid complaints and focus instead on the good things.

Some good things:
– ceiling fans
– ranunculus
– a walk on a cool spring evening, when the flowering trees have dropped some of their petals in flecks all over the sidewalk
– keeping a bottle of cheap sparkling wine in the fridge, in case we need to celebrate
– rosemary pecans
– leftover cake in the fridge
– giving Mom her birthday presents
– flip-flops when it’s hot, and boots when it’s cold and rainy
– looking forward to a rare Saturday evening together

I’ll be back to my usual sneer in no time, I’m sure. For now, I’m looking hard at the little things that make life sweeter.

3 thoughts on “little things

  1. I hear you, sister. No, really, SISTER.
    It is way too easy to find yourself hilariously sarcastic, bitching about all the crappy little detritus that drifts into our lives. But sometimes, it is really important to see the petals drifting in, instead.
    Hmm, I may be drunk.

  2. SISTER!
    Hey, thanks for the daffodils! I think I’ll get into the habit of a minor weekly flower splurge — they’re so sunny! I kinda forgot.

  3. I always feel that way too, in between times. I think, spend $5 on something so ephemeral? NAh! Until I do and then get $50 worth of enjoyment from them. You could make coming over here for a quick traipse around the yard with a pair of scissors part of your weekly errand run. There will be something blooming from now til October.

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