a list of sorts

Unexpected items found in my handbag:
– two mini Moon Pies
– an Andes mint
– my brother’s tape measure, which he carries in his pocket (not any more, ahahahaha) and would surely like back
– a kiwi pin
– a moose pin
– about a hundred bucks in crumpled singles, fives, and tens
– about five bucks in coins
– the new camera I already forgot we bought, because I’m dumb
– the sunscreen which I was sure I packed and for which I hunted doggedly every morning of our honeymoon, and which was right there the whole time

Expected items not found in my handbag:
– my desperately needed glasses

On the bright side: Moon Pies!

update: The Fella and I have seen almost no photos of the wedding, but in honor of T.R. request, I’ll link to these very few photos posted by our friend Justin in his online column. He’s the soul of discretion, so he only posted crowd snapshots — plus the gorgeous cake made by sister Gaoo. That cake is a long, loving story on its own. We’ll get there, one of these days.

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