a body at rest

Wanting to be somewhere is not the same as wanting to go there. In matters of social travel, I embody a principle of Newtonian mechanics. A body at rest tends to stay at rest, and all that. (Unrelatedly, I’m also wicked entropic: a closed system characterized by disorder and chaos, with an undeniable tendency toward heat death.)

You know what will really improve my social life? Teleportation. Getting there isn’t half the battle; it’s the whole battle.

1 thought on “a body at rest

  1. I heard recently of a friend that went in for an outpatient operation with general anesthesia. “They give you the drug and you count to about 2, and the next thing you know you’re fully awake in the recovery room with no drowsiness at all.” I said, “THAT’S what air travel should be like!!!” I want to be knocked completely unconscious in the terminal (when they take my bags at check-in), and wake up, alongside my bags, at my destination. Just think of how they could stack the little…er…coffin-like boxes of people in the fuselage and how many more paying passengers would fit! It’s basically teleportation, without the instantaneousness.

    I, too, often relate Newton’s first law and Laws of Thermodynamics to my everyday life. We’re nerdtastic. Just so we’re clear, we frown on people misusing Newton’s 3rd (the most commonly used) for any bloody thing action that gets a response, right?

    “In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!” -Homer Simpson

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