so far…

So far today, I have envisioned:

– a banana apocalypse. Bananapocalypse!
– a giant-donkey apocalypse. Donkapocalypse! Asspocalypse! Nuclear mule-ocaust! It’s a jackasstrophe!
– a dirty-dish apocalypse. Sinkpocalypse Now!

It might be time to take a break from apocalypse-centered entertainment. Oh noes! Buffpocalypse!

[confidential to a.c., if you’re reading: this is bunk. We’re on for the next Buffy-and-beer night, whenever.]

9 thoughts on “so far…


    Like that, you mean?

    aaaand now I’m off for my afternoon cappuccino. It should be all -pocalypse, -palooza, and -agogo for the next few hours. It’s gonna be caffeinealicious in here.

  2. Oh I’m reading.

    Buffpocalypse! can be the day we barrel through 10 episodes and four bottles of wine and even more food!

    Additionally, I stole your knife from the last Beer and Buffy night. It came home in our brownie pan. I actually think somehow this could be related to an apocalypse…but not sure how yet.

  3. Jhawn, it’s actually the bananas that are endangered in the upcoming, honest-to-goodness, totally-not-fictional Banana Apocalypse. For realsies.

    ac, count on it. Sounds like Buffapalooza to me. We should get Jim Rose’s side show in for the event, too. Buffapocalypse can be when we finally finish the series.

    If that brownie knife turns out to be a key weapon in the apocalypse, I am going to be so cross that you forgot it. Otherwise, it seems pretty unimportant.

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