Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is on the horizon. The good folks at Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn have posted five tips to help you prepare now for Thanksgiving; I have to admit that you’ll find the most useful hints in the comments, not the article.

This year, both our families’ Thanksiving plans are uncertain, and The Fella and I miiiiiiight have the chance to celebrate the holiday on our own, with a modest vegetarian feast and a cuddle on the couch. We’ve been cautiously daydreaming about the menu, each dish something special that one of us especially loves, and with The Fella’s squash galettes as the centerpiece.

mini pie pansDo you want to know the clincher, the moment when I went from idly daydreaming to hope-hope-hoping? It was during the conversation about pies: he wants pumpkin, I want blueberry, and neither of us wants a whole darned pie. And then I remembered my mini-pie tins, tucked away in a remote cabinet. This year, I want to be thankful for teeny tiny pies.

3 thoughts on “pie

  1. 1) I see no reason for your plans to be dependent upon ANYBODY else’s. As newlyweds, you are now officially able to decide to stay home just the two off you and nobody will say a damn thing about it.

    2) You can make a regular size batch of dough, and fillings, and make LOTS of teeny tiny pies. Not only that, but you can freeze them, yes, pumpkin too, uncooked, and when they are frozen you can pop them out of the tins, wrap well, repeat as necessary til stuff is all used up, and have teeny tiny pies any old time you have the oven on.

  2. Point 1: we wanted to be sure Mom wasn’t all on her lonely-only this year, and of course The Fella has a much more gentle approach to family togetherness than I have, so I need to respect that.

    Point 2: I know, isn’t that the best thing ever? Indeed, The Fella was iffy about me making more than one kind of pie until I told him that making five or six little pies is about five minutes more work than making one big pie.

  3. Point 1 redux: Last year, we had our first-ever Christmas on our own, by simple dint of me saying to both sides, “Okay, we’re available Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but not both, and we’re accepting whichever family’s invitation comes earlier.” No confusion, no hurt feelings, and a beautiful day at home!

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