Holy camel, batman

This quick entry brought to you from an internet cafe in Tennant Creek where I sit checking e-mail while JM replaces the latest blown tyre.* I’m fortunately well enough now to hit the trail, but I still can’t hear out of my left ear because of a middle-ear infection, trapped in an airplane that never descends.
I uploaded a photo of the bungalow where we are staying for the next few months. I predict the search for a new dwelling will begin very soon. Photos of this trip to follow in the next town, next cafe.
*Look at me and my new-fangled spelling. Hey, I had a dream the other night wherein I surprised myself by exclaiming “crikey” at some point. I was so startled to have said it that I woke myself up.

2 thoughts on “Holy camel, batman

  1. Next Rodeo is October 29. This range rider is ready; let’s ride!
    Interesting new digs. Where’s the grass; out front? Can you hear the camels at night when you sleep?
    What else do you hear at night in the back out?
    We still hear cyotes running wild at night, yelping and hunting. It’s a food chain out there.

  2. There’s grass over on the other side. We don’t believe in grass on this side of the bungalow.
    Yes, I can hear the camels all the live-long day. Otherwise I hear nothing, as I am asleep and I am also now hearing deficient in my left ear which I let ride top gun while sleeping.

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