Illustration Friday: Plain

Illustration Friday: Plain
I even ate some of my inspiration, but this time without sorting by color. Is this progress? Probably just forgetfulness.
I’m not a huge fan of m-n-m’s except that Cadbury sucks and, ack, it’s everywhere. Sadly, this is my first choice in emergency chocolate, preferred even over Toblerone and Lindt. Perhaps it’s from a specific memory of sitting in Elsa’s living room, sorting and laying out a pyramid of colors, and writing for hours on end. Those were the salad days, you know, chocolate-wise.
Clicking on the image will take you to a slightly larger version at Flickr.

11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Plain

  1. Ooh, that’s a pretty quilt of m&m’s — ours looked lazy in comparison. Perhaps if we’d had a jumbo bag, more material to work with… You’ve just clued me into the proper spelling of the candy, uncovering more laziness on my part for not looking it up in the first place.

  2. Well, maybe the two of you needed more mental illness to work with, not more candy. Don’t know why, but I’ve always been drawn to stories of mental illness, since I realized there was such a thing, in about third grade. Guess I always wished my own foibles fit more neatly into some kind of accredited Brand, not just personal weirdness. Glad you went to the link…But more to the point, why are They so stingy with the green ones?

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